Simple Make-Up for Everyday Wear

I love looking put together and pretty, but it does not ever come naturally.

Here’s a way how to make a cat-eye that will make your eyes pop. They will instantly look bigger. If there’s only one thing I could do for the rest of my life with makeup, it would be a simple cat-eye. But in all honesty, I already do ONLY this.

You can make it with a pencil, liquid or gel-based. Maybe because of the shape of the brush, gels are the easiest to work with. But if you’re skillful enough, go for the pen. We each have our own preferences.

To choose a good color to add to your eyes, look at the color wheel and anything that is on the opposite end will make your eyes pop. So, for blue eyes, you may go with more orangy tones or a rich brown color. For brown eyes, any shade of blue looks good. If your eyes are hazel, you might feel adventurous and add a pop of purple.

Close your eye, and then stretch at the sides. Make that area of the eye as flat as possible as it’s easier to apply the product on.

Then, start from the middle, drawing dots to the outer edge of the eye. The more times you go over, the more you connect them one to the other. Simply tap with the edge of the brush. Start with a clean line and then work out the cat-eye. Draw the outermost part of the line afterward with your eyes open.

In the end, do the inner part of the line as well. But start from the middle of the eye and work your way both out and in. You don’t need to do the whole line all at once. For the finest details, you’ll again want to have your eyes open.

Now, it’s the time to draw a wing part of the cat-eye. You can make it either go out more or up more.

If you want to go up and out, look straightforward. Start at the end of your brow. Make small taps with the brush, and at the end, connect the dots in between each other. Start with the base on both sides to ensure both lines are as symmetrical as possible. Also, pull your upper lid in the direction to which you want to draw the line. It helps smoothen the skin so you can draw a nice clean line. Pick your preferences in regard to how thick or delicate you want to make it look like.

While applying the product, make sure that it is evenly placed throughout the brush and that it comes down to the point so it easily transfers onto the eye.

Cat eyes can be a little tricky to get right. So, when you mess up, what do you do?

I like to use a cue tip, apply some eye makeup remover onto it and go under the line, removing the unwanted bits. It creates a nice crisp edge to the line. You can also use the cue tip to straighten the line out, or maybe use the opportunity of your slip up to make the line thicker. Anything really flies if you’re having fun with it and trying to make it equal on both sides.

When you do a pop of vibrant color on your eyes, go for neutral makeup on the rest of your face. Pair it with neutral tones of clothes or yoga leggings as well. They can even have bold prints on them just so that the color pallet is toned down as opposed to the pop of color on your eyes. You’ll look just purrrrr-fect.

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