Three Yoga Intentions for the New Year

December is quickly drawing to a close, and the New Year is looming on the horizon. The end of a season is a great time to begin considering what attributes you want to bring into the new year with you. For many yogis, the new year is a great time to set an intention about what you hope the upcoming year will bring.

An intention is very similar to a New Year’s resolution. It forces you to prioritize the things that you will focus on in the upcoming year. If you aren’t sure what to ask the universe to bring you in the new year, these three yoga intentions may give you an excellent starting point.

I intend to be present this upcoming year.

Is there anything worse than realizing that you aren’t sure where an entire year went? Time flies so quickly, and you may be tempted to spend most of your day hurrying along with the daily flow. Take time to set an intention about becoming more present and aware in your everyday activities.

This may be an intention that you need to consider multiple times throughout the day. Being present and mindful of your thoughts, speech, actions, and feelings can be a challenge for yogis, even those who have been with the practice for years.

I intend to prioritize rest in every area of my life.

How many times have you gotten to the end of your work week, exhausted and mentally drained? The modern world tends to prioritize the hustle and bustle of productivity, forcing us to forego rest. Unfortunately, our bodies need to rest in order to restore and heal themselves. Our minds need a similar state of rest to help recharge and refocus on the things that are most important.

Remember to take time for rest both on the yoga mat and off the mat. Your body and your mind will ultimately be grateful for the change.

I intend to try new things regularly.

It’s easy for yogis to get stuck in a routine of doing the same things all the time. From your yoga sequence to the brand of yoga leggings you purchase, you may be tempted to stick with the status quo. However, this new year could be a great opportunity for you to branch out and begin trying new things.

This will require some bravery and commitment from yogis, particularly those who are typically anxious about new things. Consider this as a sweet time of exploration to uncover who you truly are and what you actually enjoy. You may just be surprised to discover a side of yourself that you never knew existed.

The new year brings about abundant opportunities to reinvent yourself and to make a conscious change in your life. By setting a clear intention about what you will accomplish this year, you can be more mindful of where your future will bring you. You may want to consider using one of these intentions or modifying it to fit your yoga practice and lifestyle.

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